I'm Michelle Reeves - I own my Own Business & I am an Independent Paparazzi Consultant. 

My ID # is 221167

WHY Should YOU Join Paparazzi??

*I want to be my own boss but I don't have a lot of income to invest.

What other company can you start with very little income upfront...NOT MANY!

Most Franchises cost 10-15K to begin...Paparazzi can be started for as little as $99!!

What other company can you begin making money with the day you sign up - NOT MANY.

What other company pays you 45% commission!!  Yes - you heard me correctly.  I actually do not know of others that pay such a high commission to their Independent Consultants.

But these are not the only reasons you should choose it nor do I recommend you purchasing our smallest "Preview" Starter kit - Here's Why:


1) Almost every person wears some type of jewelry.

2) Paparazzi Jewelry is on Trend and up to date to current Fashion styles.

3) Every person is always looking for the best deal.

4) Paparazzi Jewelry is not only affordable but is high in quality and design.

5) The jewelry industry is a $68 billion dollar industry - why not tap into a small piece of that.

6) With paparazzi it is very affordable for you to begin right away...and you can start before your starter kit even arrives!


I do not recommend our Preview Kit as your beginner kit even though it is our cheapest - because...

PREVIEW KIT - 35 Pieces of Jewelry 

*Typically a Party will have at least 10 people attend.

Say each person purchases 5 pieces of jewelry or $25 worth.

That is 50 Pieces and the Preview Starter Kit only has 35 Pieces.

You have already exceeded this kit in sales!

SMALL HOME PARTY KIT - 120 Pieces of Jewelry

*The more you have to show - the more you will sell.

This is the Kit that I recommend when you first get started.

People tend to spend $30-50 and more at parties.

So, if you have 10 people spending let's say $40 each that is 8 pieces per person.

You sold 80 pieces at your first party and have only 40 left if you chose this option.  

As long as you don't already have another party or two booked right away-which will tend to happen at the party itself...you have time to order and receive more product.  

LARGE HOME PARTY KIT - 200 Pieces of Jewelry

This Kit gives you a nice cushion in the above scenario.

Often when you have a party-attendees will book a party with you before they leave. If personal parties is what you think you will do most often - this larger kit is definitely the route you should take.

It is great to have product available on hand so that you do not have to wait for more product to arrive in order to host another party back-to-back.

**The Starter Kits are the ONLY time that Paparazzi will pick your pieces of jewelry for you**

It is really great to get a good variety of styles from Paparazzi through the Starter Kit that you don't choose yourself.  Not everyone likes the same things and this will help in conditioning you NOT to choose just what you like from the wholesale inventory available.