Who Are We

Offering you Stunning Accessories - We Feature the Latest Trends in Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and Earrings - as well as - Offering you Affordable Prices to High End Designer Clothing
To Host a Paparazzi Party for FREE products, send us a message! You don’t have to live nearby - we can do a Live Party on Facebook for your friends!

My name is Michelle Reeves. I am the Founder of Infinite Boutiques. I started selling clothing and other items online in 2016 and joined Paparazzi last year in 2018. I desperately needed extra income while I was juggling the struggle of being a single stay at home mom to 9 special needs adopted children.
Although our website will still offer High End Clothing at affordable prices - much of our website content will focus on our new jewelry venture. I love that the jewelry is nickel and lead free and so affordable! The quality of the products provided amazed me! Needless to say, after becoming a weekly customer, I soon decided it was time to take the plunge and become an independent consultant myself. Learning that DAILY New Designs came out - just excited me even more!
I got my first kit even though I was still unsure of whether this is what I should be doing. Confirmation from God came in the next few weeks, when I booked my first event and was well on my way to loving this new part of my business. I want to be able to provide the pageant world and others with affordable, high quality, unique jewelry options...and this new venture supplied me with just that.
I hope to be able to grow in this business and be an example to others..helping them to begin, build & grow their business as well. MESSAGE Me for direction on  how to get started...or head to the Page titled "Join My Jewelry Team"